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The Agreements Database Search is an online tool that allows you to see the agreements CMU has with outside organizations, agencies, or institutions. There are many filters available to facilitate your search. The image below displays the screen you see when you first open the search tool.


Finding An Agreement

It is generally of great benefit to determine if CMU has an existing agreement with a site and/or for a specific academic program. This search tool allows you to quickly make such a determination by filtering on a variety of categories in any combination. What follows is a brief description of each of the categories displayed in the image above:

To find a particular agreement or group of agreements, you should start by selecting the college within which the agreement falls.  In order to select a college, click in the box next to the label College as shown above.  A list will drop down with several choices.  Click on the appropriate academic college. 

In some cases, agreements include more than one college. An example of this is CBA-CST. When a label like this appears among the College dropdown options, it is an indication that the agreements listed are joint agreements which include multiple colleges.

Another unique College choice is CMU. The agreements that appear when this choice of College is selected are often referenced as All Programs agreements. In other words, these agreements are not restricted to a specific academic college but instead are applicable to all university units. An example of this selection is shown below.

The list displayed can be further filtered by selecting options within the other boxes, such as Academic Program. The difference between the choices ALL... and All Programs in the Academic Program field is this: If you select ALL... you will see a list of every agreement for the College you have selected, including those that are restricted to individual programs of study. On the other hand, if you select All Programs, you will see a list of those agreements which apply to any program within that College

You may type the name of the agency or placement site in the box next to Agency and hit the "Search" button. This field will only accept a combination of letters, numbers, and spaces. No other symbols are accepted in this box.

There are several different types of agreements housed in this database. If you are looking specifically for only Study Abroad agreements, select that in this dropdown so that the list that appears displays only that type of agreement.

You may restrict your search to a specific date range by using this option. Otherwise, your list will include agreements for all signing dates included in the database.

This category is particularly useful if you are interested only in viewing those agreements with agencies or sites outside the United States. Likewise, if you wish to exclude international agreements from the list you view, select USA here.

When you are looking for only agreements with agencies within a specific state, use this option to isolate those.

Let's say you are interested in knowing what agreements exist between CMU and agencies or sites in China; this is the field that allows you limit your list to only those agreements. 


The list of agreements can also be sorted.  This can be done by clicking on the column headings for the list.  For example, clicking on Agency will put the list in alphabetical order based on the name of the agency or placement site.  If there are more agreements than can be displayed on a single page, a navigation bar will appear at the bottom of the list.


At this time, the only way to print the list is by using your browser's print feature. Landscape printing works best.

Reviewing Agreements

If there is a PDF icon displayed to the right of an agreement date, you may click on that icon to review the actual agreement in PDF format. You will be prompted to enter your CMU Global ID and Password prior to the document opening on your computer. Please note that while there are types of agreements specific to different arrangements, there is not one "template" that works in every case. Before developing an agreement of any type, you should contact either Laura McGuire or Carole Richardson for assistance.

Getting Started

To get started click here or on the "Database Search" link to the right.

Agreement Info

  If you have any questions or need assistance in developing an agreement, please contact:

Anne Miller

Coordinator of Affiliation Agreements
(989) 774-7211

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